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Holistic Wealth Management

Enjoy a client-centered approach where your wealth manager works with as many local professional as needed to collaborate on effective planning that evaluates and strategies for your future success.

Wealth Management

The Importance of Holistic Wealth Management

Having the right wealth management partners makes all the difference. We quarterback your proverbial team of professionals like estate planners, CPAs, insurance brokers, and any other professionals needed to formulate and align the plan for your private wealth management. The team will meet in the background and then present you with the customized unit. Enjoy all the benefits of extreme efficiency and dedicated intentionality.

Importance of Wealth Management

Create a strategic plan with your wealth management team that makes sense for today and tomorrow.

What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management tackles your financial affairs from start to finish with the most comprehensive approach. It uses strategic planning, investment management, tax optimization, and estate planning to chart a course for your highest aspirations. Regista wealth managers are equipped to help you maximize the decisions you make to continue flourishing throughout your life.

What is Wealth Management

Wealth Management Analyses & Services

Enjoy the most comprehensive approach as we coordinate the right financial planning experts to manage your affairs.

  • Financial Planning and Wealth Planning Organizer

    With basic budget analysis and spending review to long-term investment strategies and comprehensive tools, we’ll be your financial planning partner that goes the extra mile.

  • Psychology of Wealth & Decision-Making Strategies

    We evaluate the way you think about your finances with goals assessment and prioritization to effectively anticipate issues and plan for future decision-making strategies.

  • Real Estate Advice and Support

    Working with local real estate professionals, we can provide comprehensive strategies that align with your long-term wealth management strategy.

  • Social Security Maximization

    We will analyze various claiming techniques — as well as your unique factors like spousal benefits, income needs, retirement age, and taxation implications — to make the most personalized decisions.

  • College Savings Plans and Analysis

    Plan for your kids and grandkids’ futures with effective analysis and optimal college savings plans to make education goals a reality.

  • Retirement Options

    From Medicare enrollment assistance to community living options, we plan for every step of the way.

Achieving Your Goals with an Intentional Process

Managing your wealth shouldn’t mean doing all the things on your own. Hire us to provide the most comprehensive approach, with the best teams, crafted from local experts. 

  • 01
    Initial Consultation

    In this first meeting, our goal is to simply get to know each other by learning about our backgrounds and identifying the benefits of a potential financial partnership.

  • 02

    When we move forward to gathering data, we can start building the financial picture, scoping out assets and liabilities, and formulating long and short-term goals.

  • 03

    With your information in hand, we construct the deliverables which include your current financial analysis, proposed portfolio, and other options.

  • 04

    After strategizing, we’ll review our initial proposal with you and discuss any concerns. Taking your feedback, we make any adjustments as needed.

  • 05

    Once you’ve approved the plan, it’s off to the races. We’ll get all your options set up, including the latest monitoring apps as desired.

  • 06

    Regista continues to provide regular oversight and make suggestion based on your benchmarks and life circumstances. Through each year, we provide a partnership you can trust to help you make the best decisions for your future.

When You Partner With Us

Enjoy having a financial team that’s on your side, taking time to help you understand and be confident in the plan you are about to take.

  • Stress Tested Portfolios
  • A Team Effort With Local CPAs, Estate Planners, Brokers, Real Estate Brokers and more
  • No Minimum Requirements
  • Fee Only Pricing
About Regista Financial Strategies

What Do Our Clients Say About Regista?

A Few Thoughts on Wealth Management

What is the role of a wealth manager in my life?

A wealth manager should work closely with you through every financial decision to provide custom financial, tax, and estate planning while providing risk management and more.

Why should I consider working with a Regista wealth management team?

Partnering with us provides decided advantages from expertly tailored financial and investment strategies to the team-approach with other local professionals who know and understand your life goals.

How will you address risk tolerance for me?

Through our in-depth assessment of your financial situation and more, you will have a customized wealth management plan that you approve of and can continue to evaluate as your life and goals change. We continue to align your financial objectives with risk tolerance levels to provide for optimal financial wellness over a lifetime.

Finding the Regista Way with Wealth Management

Regista exists to be the dedicated partner for the dreamers, doers and achievers who want to be actively involved in their financial process — by bringing the best resources and people around you, we seek to encourage, uplift, and inspire the next generation of investors.

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