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Your Financial Advisor Built on Trust and Experience.

Feel confident in the decisions you make about your future. Taking a collaborative approach, your Regista financial advisor tackles every aspect of your fiscal wellness, paving the way for your life today — and for the best ideas of tomorrow.

Regista Financial Planning Strategies

An Intuitive Approach for Modern Dreamers, Doers, and Investors

Our system is tailored to your stage of life, behavioral experiences, and current opportunities. We examine your financial position and provide the most intentional financial planning experience. 

    Align your finances with your life goals, not the other way around. Start the journey to a customized financial plan today.

    Achieving Your Goals with an Intentional Process

    We’re in it for the end game. See how a holistic financial advisor can change the way you see yourself, your finances, and your future.

    • 01
      Initial Consultation

      In this first meeting, our goal is to simply get to know each other by learning about our backgrounds and identifying the benefits of a potential financial partnership.

    • 02

      When we move forward to gathering data, we can start building the financial picture, scoping out assets and liabilities, and formulating long and short-term goals.

    • 03

      With your information in hand, we construct the deliverables which include your current financial analysis, proposed portfolio, and other options.

    • 04

      After strategizing, we’ll review our initial proposal with you and discuss any concerns. Taking your feedback, we make any adjustments as needed.

    • 05

      Once you’ve approved the plan, it’s off to the races. We’ll get all your options set up, including the latest monitoring apps as desired.

    • 06

      Regista continues to provide regular oversight and make suggestion based on your benchmarks and life circumstances. Through each year, we provide a partnership you can trust to help you make the best decisions for your future.

    Why Regista Financial?

    The beginning of any good relationship starts with identifying the expectations. At Regista, our aim is to provide the most customized and intentional business partnership. You’ll see a difference with us because —

    Stress Tested Portfolios

    We structure situational assessments, identifying risk in your portfolio, based on different scenarios as predictors. 

    Behavioral Finance Theory Applied

    Looking at the whole of you, we understand how various life happenings would affect your decisions, taking steps to prevent unneeded loss.

    Boutique Firm
    x Big Tech

    Using the latest tech gives us room to focus more time and attention on collaborating with you, innovating and adapting your resources in unprecedented ways. Simply put, it’s a step-up for everyone.

    Holistic Asset Assessment

    From real estate and business to diversified investments, your fiduciary financial advisor understands how every asset complements your financial spectrum.


    When you have attorneys, accountant, estate planners, and more all working as one, we see the power of community truly going above and beyond — together.

    Regista exists because —

    We are the financial advisor for the dreamer, doers and achievers who want to be actively involved in their process — by bringing the resources and people around you — we seek to encourage, uplift, and inspire the next generation of investors.

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    What Do Our Clients Say About Regista?

    Create a strategic plan with your financial advisor that makes sense for today and tomorrow.