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Small Business Retirement Plans that Work for You

You need a dedicated partner who understand your company’s needs and can communicate effectively with your employees. We excel at getting your people onboarded for successful small business retirement plans implementation.

Employer Retirement Plans

Making Sense of Employer Retirement Plans

Instead of using the 1-800 numbers, lean on your financial advisor for all of your business retirement planning concerns. Get a custom plan for your business culture based on the employee population and demographic. Through educational lunch-and-learns and other resources, we help maximize your partnerships and grow stronger company-wide relationships.

Importance of Employer Retirement Plans

Create a strategic plan with our business retirement planning team that makes sense for today and tomorrow.

What Are Employer Retirement Plans?

Workplace retirement plans are savings programs that you offer to employees as a benefit, designed to help them invest for their retirement. These include 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, Simplified Employee Pension IRAs, and Simple IRAs which can provide tax-advantages for optimal savings.

Employer Retirement Plans Analyses & Services

From start to finish, you will experience a white glove approach to getting your employees the direction and plans they need. Enjoy seamless implementation and dedicated service from Regista!

  • Retirement Plan Design and Setup

    We use plan benchmarking and analysis to design contribution structures, investment options, and more to tailor a plan to meet your specific corporate needs.

  • Employee Education and Communication

    From initial employee enrollment to ongoing support, our team specializes in educating and communicating with you and your people! With our network and access to a broad range of professionals, we customize the education plan to the demographic of the company.

  • Investment Selection and Monitoring

    We provide contribution structures, define eligibility criteria, select investment opportunities, set vesting schedules, and help fulfill compliance for your business’ legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Plan Administration

    From retirement readiness assessments to audit assistance, we continue to provide the support that your business and your people want. From working with retirement plan providers to consulting with experts in your niche, we can meet your people’s specific needs long-term.

  • Fiduciary Services

    Navigating compliance and offering regulatory support, you can have confidence in the investment options managed on behalf of your company.

Achieving Your Goals with an Intentional Process

When you’re running your business, you don’t need to add another thing to your plate. Enjoy a seamless implementation process and get your employees what they need to continue thriving.

  • 01
    Initial Consultation

    In this first meeting, our goal is to simply get to know each other by learning about our backgrounds and identifying the benefits of a potential financial partnership.

  • 02

    When we move forward to gathering data, we can start to identify the needs, wants, and the goals desired out of the employer retirement plan.

  • 03

    With your information in hand, we construct the deliverables which include your current plan and compared to a proposed solution ensuring you are getting an upgrade in your employer retirement plan.

  • 04

    After strategizing, we’ll review our initial proposal with you and discuss any concerns. Taking your feedback, we make any adjustments as needed.

  • 05

    Once you’ve approved the plan, its off to the races for set up and implementation. We’ll be there every step of the way ensuring you have someone on your side during the retirement plan transition.

  • 06
    Ongoing Support

    Regista continues to provide support with quarterly update meetings, ensuring the plan continues to meet your expectations. While providing continued educational support to the employees of your firm.

When You Partner With Us

Gain a financial partner that’s on your side, taking time to help you understand and be confident in the plan you are about to take.

  • Stress Tested Portfolios
  • Custom Behavioral Financial Analysis and Planning
  • No Minimum Requirements
  • Fee Only Pricing
About Regista Financial Strategies

What Do Our Clients Say About Regista?

A few thoughts on Employer Retirement Plans

What educational opportunities to you include for business teams?

We offer educational components that are completely unique to your business. From financial literacy programs to investment workshops, we can provide a variety of options.

Give me an example of how your educational approach is different.

We have set up a company’s workshop where we put together five different classes of rotating schedules — and called it financial wellness week. The employees got to choose what classes they wanted to attend and what would be most valuable to them. For example, the workshop offerings. included a college funding (529) class (given by a state official and expert), a credit-building class (for those younger employees), and a Social Security and Medicare class for those nearing retirement.

What ongoing review will you provide for our team?

We will periodically review the plan’s investment options, performance, and fees. If the plan is continuing to meet objectives, we’ll only make adjustments when it begins to go off track. But regularly evaluating makes sure we’re remaining competitive and cost-effective.

Finding the Regista Way with Employer Retirement Plans

Regista exists to be the dedicated partner for the dreamers, doers and achievers who want to be actively involved in their financial process — by bringing the best resources and people around you, we seek to encourage, uplift, and inspire the next generation of investors.

Employer Retirement Plans Near Me