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Finding the Regista Way

Regista exists to be the dedicated partner for the dreamers, doers and achievers who want to be actively involved in their financial process — by bringing the best resources and people around you, we seek to encourage, uplift, and inspire the next generation of investors.

Who We Serve And Why We Do It

Everyone has an area of expertise – and ours is threefold. We specialize in helping ambitious young professionals, households that are dividing assets, and employers who want to offer retirement planning.

For the young professionals, such as sales representatives, attorneys, and software engineers, we help them avoid common financial mistakes that previous generations have made. Through the right guidance and support, they can attain financial independence at a younger age, leaving them free to focus on their career advancements and other personal goals.

For those households that are separating assets or going through a divorce, we understand that navigating this complex emotional and financial space can be overwhelming. Because Akram Hassan is a member of the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals, we can collaborate with other industry professionals to provide sound financial strategies during this challenging time.

And for employers seeking to implement retirement plans, we prioritize service above all. Through providing educational resources, we can help employees understand the tools within reach, removing fear of the future and empowering them to focus on their careers with confidence.

Meet Akram Hassan

CEO & Founder
Akram Hassan Headshot

As a financial advisor, I simply want to leave your world better than I found it. Knowing that both you and your neighbors have uniquely individual financial goals, I passionately create personalized financial strategies and plans that cater to each person’s specific needs. I thrive in helping clients achieve the long-term financial goals, while also coaching them through life’s unpredictable changes.

Like many financial advisors, I started out working for a larger firm, learning and growing alongside other advisors who were finding their niches and working to help others. As my business grew, I wanted to do more for my clients, but felt like my hands were tied by the corporate structure a larger company has to have. As is common in this industry, I had developed a strong network of professional peers and friends — and they continued to encourage me to go independent.

In December 2022, I took some time off and started to pull the pieces together. I asked myself, “”What would a different financial firm look like. And could I do it?”” After some research, analyzing my own financial goals and doing some soul searching — the answer was a resounding yes. I’m thrilled to provide a fresh approach to financial wellness and investing.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors; the state of Colorado offers the best from snowboarding to hiking — and I love staying active through sports. I am also a passionate youth soccer coach and enjoy sharing my love of the game and the positive impact it had and continues to have on my life as a teen ager and as an adult. I love my community and am excited to see the next few years unfold.

My goal as your financial advisor is to — through holistic financial strategies and a network of brilliant professionals — equip you with the right opportunities to help you achieve your long-term visions.

Align your finances with your life goals. Create a financial plan today.